Tubular and squared sheath wire elements / Immersion heaters

Soloheat first manufactured tubular sheath wire elements in 1980, and have since built a sock of thousands of elements in different sizes, power and voltages.

We can supply straight or formed tubular elements to customer requirements, in a range of diameters, lengths, wattages and voltages.

Termination is to customer specifications and can include threaded fittings / boss, thermocouple pockets and terminal enclosures. We also offer single ended elements should clients require a completely sealed heating element.

We have a large range of CAD drawings on file, but if complex and bespoke elements are required , we can use clients samples as a template to manufacture new.

We can also supply 7mm, 5mm & 3.3mm flat section elements for use on higher temperature applications where improved Surface Heat Transfer is required. These can also be made with integrated thermocouples.

Formed Elements

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Tubular Element Stock

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