Soloheat Cast Aluminium / Aluminium Bronze Industrial Heating Elements

Soloheat specialise in the manufacture of Cast Aluminium and Cast Aluminium Bronze heaters.

Based in Gloucestershire, we are the only foundry in England to specialise in the manufacture of Cast Alloy Industrial Heating Elements.

Typical applications

Cast alloy heaters are strong and robust and are best used in processes requiring higher heat with greater reliability and longer life than other types of heating element. Transfer pipes, extrusion / injection moulding barrels and extrusion die blocks are commonly fitted with cast alloy heaters.



Cast Aluminium Plate Heater

Air Cooled cast alloy heaters

Cast Aluminium finned heaters are most often fitted on extruder barrels under cowls. Centrifugal fans are commonly used to blow air between the fins to offer accurate temperature control. The fins can be manufactured on the inside or outside diameter of the heater,
depending on the machine type and existing heaters fitted. We can manufacture the cowls and ducting to shroud our finned heating elements.

Water cooled - Cast Alloy Heater Coolers

Cast alloy Heater cooler combinations are used where water is required to control processing temperature. Cooling jackets / mandrels are also available without a cast in element. Cooling tube available in stainless steel and Incoloy in below sizes:

Various wall thicknesses, material specs and seam / seamless tube options are available.

The electric element and water pipe is cast into the alloy body of the unit to offer accurate temperature control of the barrel or heated body. Compression fittings or cast in connectors are available as options

Cast Aluminium Heater Cooler


Cast Heaters are terminated according to customer requirements. These range from IP65 dust/ moisture proof housings, to the more commonly fitted two / three pin plugs, terminal boxes, block terminals, screw terminals, or metal braided leads.

We also offer a range of bespoke terminations developed over many years, most of which can be offered to clients for their own applications.

Patterns and Dies

Soloheat hold a large stock of patterns and dies for Cast Alloy Heaters. When required, we have in-house pattern makers and pattern shop to manufacture new or modify existing patterns and tooling. We can sometimes use clients samples to reduce pattern

Pettern Stock

Cast alloy heater delivery times

Typical lead time for Cast Heaters = 2 – 3 weeks for small items, 4 – 6 weeks for more complex units. We confirm manufacturing lead times at the time of quotation.

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