Nozzle Heaters

Soloheat offer a range of Nozzle Heaters to suit budget and application requirements.

Typical Applications

Nozzle Heaters are suitable for Blow Moulding, Rubber Moulding, Injection moulding, Plastic
Process Machinery, Laboratory and test Equipment, Medical Equipment, Food Process

Mica nozzle heaters – Highest application temperatures > 300oC / 572oF

For Low to medium heat applications. Low cost and not so robust as our other styles of nozzle
heaters. Our stock range nozzles are terminated with twin 1000mm steel braided leads, low
profile exit i.e. one lead exiting each side of the gap, no earth.

Our mica nozzle stock range of standard sizes as below:

Other lead exits and lead types are available for manufacture.

Nozzle Heaters

Sealed nozzle heaters – Highest application temperatures > 300oC / 572oF

For medium heat applications, particularly where moisture and plastic drool is more prevalent.
Sealed nozzle heaters are mineral insulated and sheathed in brass with a brazed stainless steel
braided lead exit to minimise risk of damage from leaks.

Mini Coil Heater

Coil nozzle heaters – Highest application temperatures > 750oC / 1382oF

For higher heat applications. Higher cost but more robust than other styles of nozzle heaters.
Coil nozzle heater can last around ten times longer than a srandard mica nozzle heater thus
offering a longer term savings on cheaper nozzle heaters. They are manufactured from square
section incoloy tubing which provides excellent surface contact and heat transfer. This style of
heater can be produced with an itegrated thermocouple if required.

Coil Heater


Nozzle heaters are commonly fitted with insulated leads. Other options are available according
to client requirements.

Nozzle heater delivery time.

Typical lead time for Nozzle heaters:

We confirm manufacturing lead times at the time of quotation.

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