Mica heaters


Typical applications

Soloheat Mica Heaters are suitable for low to medium temperature applications. Mica Heaters are suitable for general purpose heating for extruder / injection moulding machine barrels and dies, co-extruders, material transfer pipes and a multitude of other low to medium heat applications.

They are ideal for heating applications where space is limited, and can be made as plates (in a multitude of shapes), wrap around bands in one, two or more segments, or as L and U shapes. We can also fit with backing / clamp plates in order to ensure a tight fit. Mica heaters are suitable for continual use < 250oC / 482oF occasional use <300oC / 572oF

Mica Band Heaters


Mica heaters are commonly fitted with terminal box, plug or leads. Other options are available according to client requirements. They can be manufactured as single, dual or three phase heaters.

Mica heater delivery time.

Typical lead time for Mica heaters is 2 - 3 days for small items, 5 – 7 days for more complex units. We confirm manufacturing lead times at the time of quotation.

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