Electric Heating Element Manufacturers

Since 1980, Soloheat Electric Heating Element Manufacturers have developed a reputation as a leading manufacturer of cast aluminium heater elements, mica band heaters, ceramic knuckle heaters and cartridge heaters. We are the countries only foundry producing cast aluminium heaters and aluminium bronze industrial electric heating elements.

We supply industrial heating elements and ancillary equipment to plastic and rubber producers, machinery manufacturers, medical component manufacturers, food processors and the packaging industry.

We also design and supply bespoke industrial electric heating elements to aerospace, automotive, petro-chemical and power generation industries.

Our range of readily available stock includes multiple types of heating elements, thermocouples, Plugs & sockets, temperature control equipment, pressure transducers as well as safety wear related to high temperature processing industries.

From sole traders to multi national corporations, we look forward to talking with you.

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